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Wireless Lavalier Microphone Hollyland Lark 150 - Compact Wireless Microphone System Charging Case & 2 Transmitters & 1 Receiver Professional Mini Lapel Mic for Smartphones,DSLR,Video Cameras,Live

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  • 🎵【Safe audio track】: After the safe audio track mode is turned on, the microphone will automatically switch to mono. While saving the original audio, the sound will be automatically reduced by 6db for backup, not afraid of popping, and escort the sound.
  • 🎵【OLED ultra-clear screen&Two-way mute】: Not afraid of strong light, it can visually display link status, audio dynamics, level gain, battery power and other information when shooting outside.TX/RX click [METU] button to achieve mute switching. After shooting, the model and cameraman can actively shut off the microphone, which can effectively prevent sound leakage.
  • 🎵【Wide compatibility and application scenarios】: Hollyland Lark150 wireless microphone is suitable for recorders, cameras, digital SLRs (Sony, Canon, etc.), camcorders, iPhone/iPad/Android smart phones, laptops, computers and other products. It is widely used in various shooting scenes, such as Youtube, advertising, VLOG shooting, news interviews, web live broadcast, video dubbing, web teaching, video conference, micro film shooting, etc.
  • 🎵【Intelligent noise reduction & anti-vibration】: DSP intelligently filters environmental noise ,record the original sound truly, reduce post-stage noise reduction processing work, and facilitate post-editing and tuning. Adopts an anti-vibration structure, built-in floating buffer sponge, effectively avoiding the collision between the microphone and the shell during movement, reducing noise, and realizing delicate sound collection.
  • 🎵【300ft Stable Transmission & low latency】: 300ft wireless transmission distance, 5ms low-delay real-time transmission,adopts bat obstacle avoidance stabilization technology, t scans the surrounding frequency points at a frequency of 8000 times per second, intelligently selects high-quality frequency point links, and greatly enhances stability. Loop-out interface, can realize real-time monitoring.
  • 🎵【3-in-1 function】:The charging case can store, pair and charge, upgrade the kits. Simply put transmitters and receiver into the case, they are automatically paired and automatically start to charge. Long battery life, wireless charging, TX full power can be used continuously for 4 hours, RX full power can be used for 7 hours, with the charging box, the longest battery life is more than 17 hours, and the charging station can be used to charge the entire device 2.5 times.
  • 🎵【2 transmitters and 1 receiver wireless lavalier microphone】Hollyland Lark 150 wireless mic, includes 2 transmitters and 1 receiver , it can record two sound sources at the same time, while picking up the main sound, it restores the shooting scene with high fidelity, providing broadcast-level sound quality. 20Hz~20KHz ultra-wide radio frequency, capture more sound details, and record your voice accurately and clearly.