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Godox VDS-M2 Shotgun Microphone,Features All in One Microphone for DSLR Camera, Camcorder, Mixer, Recorder, Smartphones, Computer

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  • 【Superior Sound Experience】:Featuring highly directional polar pattern, with superflatresponse, and low self-noise, the VDS-M2 is designedfor delivering crystal natural sound without any color-ation.It also helps you to handle more complex situa-tion- let's say difficult outdoor recording- withoutany problem.
  • 【More than On-Camera】:Through its 3.5mm output, the VDS-M2 microphone canwork seamlessly with your camera,78'SLR, computerand mobile phone.
  • 【Dual Use forAll Your Needs】:However, for satisfying your needs in content creationultimately, the VDS-M2 is designed to double as a 70% USB mic as well.Every time when being plugged intoyour computers, tablets or smartphones via the USBoutput, the 3.5mm output will automatically transforminto functioning as a headphone output in order torealize audio monitoring.
  • 【Tailor Sound asYou Like】With much wider ranged variable gain control from 1to 15, you can tailor sound as precisely as the way youprefer. Not to mention a bunch of useful and convenientfeatures--high-pass filter(75hz and 150hz),-20dBPAD, high frequency boost, safety channel and dBpeak warning light, which are customized for your everyhigh quality recording. Moreover, all the settings willbe saved for you when it is off and on.
  • 【Take It On The Go】:A light-weight compact video microphone, constructedby rugged aerospace-grade aluminium, portable anduser-friendly as you can imagine. With a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, youcan record up to 25+ hours with no worrying!
  • 【Create in Confidence】:With the high quality shock mount to attach it to the coldshoe of the camera steadily, and the windshield in thepack to isolate it from unwanted rumbles and vibrations,the VDS-M2 ensures you wonderful recording experiences in any situation!