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Godox UB-165W 65in 165cm Parabolic Inner White Reflec Umbrella Studio Light Umbrell,Diffuser Cover Cloth with 2.8M Stainless Steel Light Stand,Metal Block Type-D (UB-165W KIT)

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  • The Shenniu parabolic reflector adopts a parabolic design, which has a large depth and a more uniform light change. Seek freedom to shape light. By changing the light reflection position, choosing different sizes of reflective umbrellas and linings, adding diffusers, etc., different light effects can be easily obtained. It is an ideal choice for portrait photography and fashion photography.
  • Classic black and silver version: The black and silver version of the parabolic reflector can concentrate light effects on the details of the object and produce natural eye catch light. It can not only light up the object being photographed, but also facilitate precise control of the contrast and saturation of the light effect. It is suitable for creating a refreshing and avant-garde shape. Use a diffuser to make the light effect softer.
  • Simple black and white version: The black and white version of the parabolic reflector can still achieve relatively good light control, but the light effect is softer than the black and silver version and does not require much operation. After installing the diffuser, beautiful window light came into being.
  • Soft light transparent version: The transparent version of the parabolic reflector can be used to expand the light source and soft light effect. The light reflected by the transparent interlining cloth is softer than the black and silver version and the black and white version, and can be used as a wonderful supplementary light.
  • Lightweight and portable: The parabolic reflector is lightweight and easy to transport. Each size comes standard with a specially designed carrying case, which can accommodate a complete set of reflective umbrellas and diffusers, which can be carried and left.