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Godox SL100Bi 100W 2800-6500K White Yellow Version LCD Panel LED Video Light Continuous Output Bowens Mount Studio Light with UB-130W Parabolic Inner White Reflec Soft Umbrella,Light Stand

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  • 【Godox SL100】 Compact device with high brightness, SL100 twins are good for lighting small spaces. Daylight as a basic solution and two-tone for more creativity. Mount Bowens makes it easy to choose accessories. Are you looking to gain popularity as a YouTuber, live streamer, content creator, and commercial producer? Lighting with SL100 is a good start.
  • 【Monster Edition】 To use it as a key light for YouTube videos, short commercials, or even slow motion recordings that require a lot of light, you can get what you expect from SL100. A powerful 32100 lux at 1 meter is a surprising brightness from this little device that is worth every penny.
  • 【Very compact】 SL100D and SL100Bi pursue the extreme balance between performance and space. The compact, lightweight body offers the flexibility to use in small studios or home settings. With a weight of 1.6 kg each, they cannot be transported.
  • 【Quality color rendering】 How the light is reflected describes the quality of a light. Superior lights accurately reproduce colors and naturally illuminate your scene. SL100 points over 96 for CRl and 97 for TLCl support that everything that is bathed under this light is a real-life show.
  • 【Versatile Use】 With its high efficiency and reliable performance, the SL100 can be the only light you need for a fast rig studio with an affordable solution to meet all of your personal content creation or commercial production needs.