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Godox QR-P70 27.5" 70CM Portable Quickly Fast Installation Deep Parabolic Softbox with P70G Honeycomb Grid for Photo Strobe Studio Flash Softbox Profoto Mount (QR-P70 and P70-G PROFOTO)

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  • 1. Open the softbox on the flat land, and symmetrically insert all 16 rods to the adapter ring.
  • 2. install reflective liner: please paste the liner to a ring before pasting it to the softbox.
  • 3. Install outer diffuser: open the diffuser and evenly paste it to the softbox's edge.
  • 4. Install softbox on the light stand: please insert the flash into the softbox before installing them on the light stand(Sold separately).
  • 5. Deep Parabolic Box Design ,Work like oversize reflector, which is good for light concentration and gaining light effects with soft and high saturation.Wide Scope of Application,Studio and outdoor shooting are both suitable. Convenient to install, time-saving and effortless.