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Godox ML60Bi ML60 Bi 60W Bi-Color LED Light Silent Mode Portable Brightness Adjustment Support Li-ion Outdoor LED Light with 2X NP970 Lithium Battery

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  • Breathtakingly powerful and portable: 10100 Lux @ 1 m with the included reflector. Weighing just 0.77 kg (lightweight housing only), the ML60Bi is extremely easy to hold and carry. In relation to its small size, it produces an impressively high output and thus offers you more flexible creativity for your productions.
  • Variable color temperature: The wide color temperature range from 2800K to 6500K allows you to quickly adapt to the ambient light conditions without having to worry about the gels.
  • Reliable color rendering and integrated 7 FX effects: With a high CRI 96+ and TLCI 97+, the ML60Bi delivers lively natural light and reproduces accurate colors; 7 preset adjustable cinema lighting effects including flash, flash, defective lightbulb, television, candle, fire and, fireworks to simulate light scenarios easily.
  • Compatibility with Numerous Modifiers and Slient Mode Design: Compatible with all Godox modifiers, when used with an S2 bracket (sold separately) it can access Bowens mounting accessories, opening up more creative possibilities. To provide creators with an extremely quiet environment for video production and to improve their efficiency.
  • Multiple Control Methods and Dual Power Method: The optional control methods allow you to adjust and control your lights with ease, simplifying your workflow; Powered by a power supply unit or two NP-F970 batteries (optional), the ML60Bi is ideal for use in the studio or on site.