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Godox EM68/EM68G RGB USB Condenser Microphone,E-Sports Cardioid Micophone Adjusting Controlled,Built-in Godox Mic App (EM68)

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  • 【Your Channel,Your Style】 Add some cool mood to your channel with EM68/EM68G!Both of the microphones feature colorful atmospherelight on the top, switchable between different stylishlight effects while not too strong for your eyes.
  • 【Godox Mic APP】 Control and adjust the atmosphere light effects ofEM68G on your smartphone conveniently! With severaltaps and swipes on Godox Mic APP, you can switchbetween monochrome on, monochrome breathing,gradient, RGB loop and sound effects mode.
  • 【Fit Your Voice】 Instead of talking louder or softer for the best streamingeffect, adjusting the gain is a more comfortable way.Turn the dial on the top of EM68G until you get asatisfying result.
  • 【Latency-Free Monitoring】 EM68G features a 3.5mm audio port for real-timemonitoring. Simply pulling on a headphone, you canmake any adjustment in time, ensuring everything isat your desired level.
  • 【One Tap to Mute】 A simple tap can avoid many awkward moments during streaming. When you need to say something inprivate, say it after tapping the mute button on thetop of the mic and seeing the atmosphere light off.
  • 【Shock-absorbing &Flexible】 The flexible bracket is easy to adjust angles to adaptfor your streaming. With elastic shock-absorbingdesign, it holds the mic stably in place and reducesunwanted vibration noises.
  • 【Get Ready Out ofthe Box】 EM68/EM68G is compatible with computers (WinPC/Mac OS).Both the microphones feature a simpleplug-and-play operation and no professional techniques are needed.