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Godox AD Power Outdoor Flash Accessories AD-B2 Compatible for AD200 Dual Power Flash Bowen Mount

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  • Great New Accessories for Godox AD200 Portable Pocket Flash.
  • Double-Light-Head Bracket can easily holds 2 pieces of Godox AD200 flash, which make it possible to combine 2 pieces of Godox AD200 flash together to create a wonderful and powerful light for shotting.
  • A similar button mount to S-type bracket can let you install the Double-Light-Head easily on a tripod, and you can also adjust the mounting bracket or tighten the direction adjusting handle to get the light effect you like.
  • AD200 dual power flash head is suitable for installing two Godox AD200 pocket Flashes together to achieve 400W Power output, which offer high quailty lighting ideal light source.