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Aputure Amaran 200d LED Video Light

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Designed with the familiar monolight form factor, intuitive design, and solid core features, the 200d LED Light from Amaran is a 200W light source with 5600K color and a CRI/TLCI rating of 95/96 to indicate advanced accuracy in color rendering. The 200d is ready for worldwide use via its built-in 100-240V power supply, but it will also run on optional batteries when AC power is unavailable.

The amaran 200d is a daylight point-source LED fixture with stunning brightness and wireless Bluetooth app control. amaran provides the ultimate lights for content creators, interviews, portrait photography, and video production.

When it comes to lighting, output is like horsepower. Using cutting-edge LED technology, the amaran 200d uses its 200W COB LED output to create an equivalent to a 200W HMI Par light or brighter than a 650W Tungsten Fresnel. It also features 0% to 100% dimming control to ensure that you can always find the right level of illumination for your scene. Meet the brightest (and darkest) light in your kit.

Many do not realize that light affects the very colors that we see. Bad light can bring nasty green or magenta hues that make your subject look sick. On the flip side, great lighting has the power to bring out the most brilliant colors found in nature. Scoring a 95+ (out of 100) on the Television Lighting Consistency Index, the amaran light series guarantees that you see beautiful colors on every shoot.

Speed and portability matter. Featuring all-in-one housing, the amaran 200d is a fully integrated fixture making it one of our easiest studio lights to adjust and transport. The total weight of the kit is only 3.96 kilograms (8.7lbs) and the built-in fan ensures that the LED remains cool no matter how long your shoot goes on for.

The amaran 200d uses a Bowens Mount meaning that it can be transformed to take on the quality of almost any light. Whether you need soft light, hard light or even a spotlight, the accessory mounting system of the amaran 200d means that it is compatible with almost all Aputure lighting modifiers like the Light Dome, Light Box, Fresnel, or Lantern. In addition to the Bowens Mount, the amaran 200d also has an umbrella holder for even faster speed and softness.

The amaran 200d also launches with 8 built-in lighting FX, such as, “Paparazzi,” “Fireworks,” “Lightning,” “Faulty Bulb,” “TV,” “Pulsing,” “Flash,” and “Explosion,” opening up new possibilities for precise lighting control.

Lighting should be fun. With the integration of Sidus Mesh, the amaran 200d gives you professional lighting control with a single app. Mesh technology means that every light in the Aputure and amaran series will automatically connect to each other and expand the range of your network. With the Sidus Link App, you can control up to 100 lights from your smartphone or tablet. Adjust each light to perfection by adjusting aspects like brightness, color temperature, effects, and even programming effects between multiple fixtures.


  • 200w daylight balanced LED light
  • Up to 65,000 lux @ 1 meter with Hyper Refector.
  • Day light CCT: 5600K, CRI≥95, TLCI≥95.
  • Universal Bowens Mount: wide variety of accessories.
  • Built-in umbrella holder.
  • Sidus link app control.
  • Compact lamp head with built-in controls.
  • 0-100% Brightness control.
  • 8 Built-in lighting FX.
  • 48V DC power input.
  • AC & battery power options.
  • 3M long power supply cable.
  • No dangling power bricks.

Package List

  • 1 x AL-200d lamp
  • 1 x Reflector
  • 1 x Adaptor
  • 1 x 1.5m Power cable

Notice:we will base on the PayPal address to send the correct plug type. If you need other plugs, please note when placing an order.